What women need to thrive in Sports Public Relations

I did some research and in my last blog, I found that only 13% of Sports Public Relations professionals are women; not a number a woman wants to here when trying to pursue a PR profession in the Sports Industry. But there is hope!

I came across an extremely helpful blog called “Working in Sports PR: Advice from the Pros” by Womeninpr. Here, men and women in this particular field conveyed their ideas about what you need in order to thrive in the Sports PR field. I just wanted to highlight a couple I thought were extremely important and interesting:

  • Be able to write like a sports writer. In order to get a feel for this kind of writing, read Read READ other sports pieces.
  • Be able to understand and speak sports “lingo”.
  • TWITTER. Follow major leaders in your particular sport, sports writers, companies, etc.
  • .Public Relations is based on building and maintaining relationships, so go out and make those relationships with the media and build some contacts to get a hold of at a moment’s notice.  Tim Tessalone, the Sports Information Director at USC, introduced a concept I was unfamiliar with called “cold calling” which basically means calling up a potentially valuable contact that you don’t know and introducing yourself. That seems like an interesting process!
  • And last but certainly not least was one that hit particularly close to home: Don’t be upset if you don’t get the fancy PR job with the A-list sports teams like the Lakers or the Yankees. There is a plethora of sports teams, companies, and organizations that need your exceptional PR skills! 

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